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Attendance of Matches

The main building of the Stadium (Building 1) has a gross capacity of 27,770 seats and a net capacity of 26,712 viewers. In the past the Stadium had an original capacity of 39,000 viewers that was later on increased to 47,000 due to the construction of the upper part of the Stadium. The current capacity is the result of placing new seats, which are all numbered, made of unbreakable and non-flammable material, which have been screwed down to the floor.

12% of those seats are roofed. There are 670 VIP seats, 150 seats for photographers and 390 seats for journalists, of which 300 are for written press and 90 for electronic press. At the upper part of the building suites for monitoring the matches have been constructed, which offer a spectacular view of the playing field.

Furthermore, new entrance/exit gates have been constructed that serve in the best possible way all kinds of population groups: athletes, Management, Press, VIP, general public and technical staff as well as their vehicles. Those users, athletes, agents, VIPs, mass media representatives, etc., who have credentials can be served alone in the premises located in the western area, without having to cross other areas and mix up with other moving guests.

The Stadium has special seats for disabled individuals, which are easily accessed via ramps, as well as special toilettes. Generally, attention has been paid in order to make all operational areas designed to be used by athletes, escorts and public accessible to persons with special needs.

At the same time, the auxiliary field has a small tier of 1,200 seats too.

The Stadium is also equipped with premises meant to serve its public, such as foyer, restaurant, cafes and canteens, as well as resting rooms, separate for public, journalists and VIPs.

football match
at Kaftanzoglio Stadium
roofed seats
and suites
football match, night-time
roofed seats
Kaftanzoglio Stadium