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General Information

The Kaftanzoglio Stadium is a complete Athletic Complex of multiple activities situated in an area of 106,534 square metres. Although it was built during the 1960's it has been recently renovated in order to be used during the Olympic Games Athens 2004 to host the Sport of Football for the pre semi-finals and semi-finals.

The Kaftanzoglio Stadium includes:

  • The main Stadium with a capacity of about 30,000 viewers, where track and field athletics as well as football matches are hosted.
  • The auxiliary athletics field which has its locker rooms outside the perimeter of the Stadium.
  • The training athletics field for flings with its locker rooms.
  • The training hall for heavy athletics, track and field athletics and gymnastics that is located underneath the tiers of the Stadium.
  • A four-storey office building where are also housed the VIP suites, areas for journalists and a press room.
  • A special training building with an indoor gym with four lanes 120 m. each with tartan, an indoor gym for pole vault and a series of training halls for various sports.

panoramic view
of the stadium
video wall
Kaftanzoglio Stadium