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Consert in memory of Dimitrios Mitropanos @ Kaftanzoglio Stadium

On Monday, September the 10th 2012, at 21:00, a consert in memory of one of the most famous Greek singers, Dimitrios Mitropanos.

welcome to our stadium

Did you know that Kaftanzoglio stadium was the place where 2004 Olympic Games began? Learn more about the stadium, it's history and its great moments in time.

athletic infrastructure

When it was build, it was the most sophisticated stadium in South-Eastern Europe. Today, after its renewal for the Olympic games it is a high standard athletic venue.

an open stadium

Kaftanzoglio is an open stadium, open not only to athlets but also to the public. Citizens of Thessaloniki can use a big part of the stadium facilities and infrastructure.

how to come here

The Stadium is located in the center of Thessaloniki, right next to Aristotle University campus. It has very easy access from the city, the railway station and the airport.

Virtual tour

Come for a detailed virtual visit to the Kaftanzoglio Stadium. Visit the stadium during a football game from the Greek first division championship and during the workout of local athlets.

Kaftanzoglio Stadium
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